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This month, Women in the Environment had the opportunity to gather at Oncor Electric Delivery, and learn more about the variety of environmental careers that are found within the utility sector. Graciously hosted by Oncor, the event offered a unique glimpse into the intersection of environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

Guests of the Environmental Careers in the Utility Sector event networked, but what truly stood out were the Oncor employees sharing their stories about the diverse career pathways in the utility sector. Their dedication to compliance and the pursuit of eco-conscious practices showcased the pivotal role each individual plays in maintaining environmental integrity within the company.

WE members also toured Oncor’s recycling facility. It served as a testament to Oncor’s commitment to fostering an environmentally friendly operation. The event underscored the importance of companies like Oncor, which actively prioritize environmental sustainability in their operations.

Heartfelt thanks to Oncor Electric Delivery for opening their doors and sharing more with us about the environmental careers in the utility sector.

Did you know that last year, Oncor recycled over

  • 31 million pounds of scrap metal
  • 10 million pounds of wooden utility poles, &
  • Over 1.3 million pounds of “waste wood”?

Oncor Recycling
2471 S Dallas Ave 2471 South Dallas Avenue, Lancaster, TX 75146

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