Banner image of Perot Museum, with the words Thursdays on Tap with Women in the Environment

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Perot Museum during their Thursdays on Tap event.

From incredible food truck eats to having free roam of all the interactive exhibits, a great time was had by all—plus we had the chance to kick back, mingle, and network with our awesome WE members.

Picture this: delish food in hand, surrounded by the coolest exhibits the Perot Museum has to offer. It was like being on a fun expedition, soaking up knowledge while having a total blast.

But you know what made our Thursdays on Tap night extra special? It was the chance to meet and socialize with fellow Women in the Environment members. Networking never felt so relaxed and natural/ This is the way to do it—snacks in hand while perusing the dino bones!

Women in the Environment strives to have a variety of events throughout the year, including educational events, career information, and social and networking events. Perot on Tap was a great social event for members to enjoy good conversation, deepen friendships, and learn a little more science in the process.

Thursdays on Tap at the Perot Museum became an instant favorite among our group. And guess what? We’re totally planning to do it all over again! Thursdays on Tap at the Perot Museum of Dallas will definitely be on our agenda again next year.

As WE looks ahead, rest assured that the success of this event has set the stage for its repetition, promising more moments of discovery, camaraderie, and pure enjoyment in the times to come. Until then, let’s cherish the memories created on this remarkable evening at the Perot Museum.

If you have an idea for an upcoming event, reach out to us on our contact page. We’re always open to suggestions for future events.

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